Lease of containers

Interlinks Co., Ltd. has its own container pool amounting to 2150 40-ft High Cube containers, 40’HC, 20’ST, 30’(20’HPL)

Our containers are located in the basic ports of South East Asia and South Korea, which in its turns enables us to be more flexible with our clients.

We also offer our containers on short-term and long-term lease. Containers can be used for transportation of cargo by motor transport and railway. All containers have a prefix registered at the International Organization BIC (availability of this prefix is required for international transportations and use of containers in Russian railways). When necessary, we can present a certificate of survey of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping which confirms that a container is suitable for cargo transportation.

For transport companies carrying out international transportations or cargo transportation within Russia, special types of contracts are applied («Long term leasing», «Master lease agreement», «One way»).

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