Cargo transportations

Cargo transportations


  • International and in-Russia transportations, both of full trucks (FTL), and consolidated (LTL) loads.
  • Transportation of oversize and heavy-lift cargoes, with obtaining of necessary permits.
  • Provision of the services: loading/unloading operations, warehouse storage.
  • The company’s vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking system.


  • «Door-to-door» air delivery of cargo with selection of an optimum alternative for delivery in order to minimize expenses.
  • Provision of preliminary warehouse storage.
  • Air transportation of oversize and heavy-lift cargoes.
  • Arrangement of transit transportations.


  • Multimodal transportations via the Far-Eastern ports — Nakhodka, Vostochny, Vladivostok (Vladivostok Sea Commercial Port, Vladivostok Sea Container terminal, VMS, Sollers, Dalzavod), Korsakov, Magadan, Novorossiisk, Saint Petersburg.
  • Multimodal transportations via ports of Western Europe: Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerpen and others.
  • Container transportations in 20’, 40’, 40’ HC containers, transportation of non-standard cargoes by special Flat Rack, Open Top, and tank containers, as well as consolidated (LCL) cargoes.
  • Stevedoring operations, releases, provision of return of empty containers.
  • Port forwarding, including arrangement and carrying out of expert examinations of cargo quality and quantity.
  • Surveying services.
  • Acceptance, storage and transshipment of cargoes in ports.
  • Development of loading plans.
  • Transportation of oversize and heavy-lift cargoes, partial or full shiploads.


A full range of services related to dispatch/acceptance of containers at railway stations of Russia and Belarus. Railway shipments in internal customs transit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

  • Calculation of a railway tariff.
  • Execution of a full set of shipping documents.
  • Development of optimal patterns of cargo delivery.
  • Single wagon load transportation of in-gage cargoes as well as oversize and heavy-lift cargoes, development and approval of securing patterns (non-stipulated specifications).
  • Monitoring throughout the route, with informing a client regularly.
  • Arrangement of loading/unloading of oversize and heavy-light cargoes with their further delivery to a final consignee.
  • Shipment of cargoes by wagons, transporters and specialized rolling stock.

Important! Availability of the company’s own container pool and motor vehicle fleet, container terminals services.


  • Arrangement of cargo transportations with the use of all modes of transport: marine transportations, combined transportations (river-sea), river, motor and railway transportations.
  • Development of a full logistic program for cargo transportation, both within Russia and abroad, which includes transport costs, reloading from one mode of transport to another one, project and design of special equipment, obtaining of all necessary permits.

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