Oversize cargo transportations

Thanks to a great experience in multimodal transportations of different oversize cargoes Interlinks company can surely provide its clients with optimum solutions at minimum prices by granting quickest possible dates and the best arrangement of transportation. The company’s own fleet of haul trucks equipped with trawls and the Company’s own site enable to carry out such transportations at night, which in its turn, simplifies the development of optimal delivery routes.

  • Allocation of necessary motor vehicles: telescopic trailers, heavy-duty trailers, lowboy trailers (trawls).
  • Preliminary preparation: computation of loads, preparation of cargo stowage diagrams and cargo securing, elaboration of a route.
  • Obtaining of necessary transportation permits.

Important! Forwarding service of cargoes: acceptance and warehouse storage, handling, consolidation of package cargoes and deconsolidation of shipments at the company’s own sites in Vladivostok and Moscow. Packing and preparation for transportation, delivery by clients’ requests. Insurance.